If you’re looking for an easy way to talk to your customers, it’s now possible to reply to messages on your GMB page via your desktop computer. This feature was previously only available on the Google My Business mobile app, but that’s no longer the case.

Google’s new messaging technology allows you to reply in real-time through your desktop, making it easier to offer a quick and informative reply. This is an exciting update for business owners who use desktop computers and laptops throughout the day. 

What is GMB Desktop Messaging?

GMB desktop messaging makes it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers. Most businesses use desktop computers for work, and it’s often easier to write a reply on a full-size keyboard.

When you log in to your GMB page on your computer, there will be a “Messages” button on the left side of the navigation bar. Simply click on this to open a chatbox, similar to Facebook Messenger. In the chat window, you’ll be able to see the messages customers have sent you and reply to them.

If you are trying to boost your local SEO, this is an excellent way in which you can increase the engagement of your GMB page and, in turn, boost your local SEO.

Why Do I Need GMB Desktop Messaging?

We all know Google dominates the search engine space. All your current SEO efforts are likely targeted towards ranking on Google and not other search engines. If your customers are searching for your business on Google and trying to engage with you through Google, then having the latest means of communication Google offers is vital.

If you own a brick and mortar location, GMB Desktop Messaging is critical because engaging with your customers on the messaging platform will help boost your local SEO. Local SEO is key to driving foot traffic to your business. 

Most searches happen on mobile devices. This means, when people are searching for your business when they’re out and about, they rely on you having a Google My Business page and a Google Maps location so they can head straight to your door. Now, what if they have a question for you while they’re on the way? 

Now, thanks to GMB Desktop Messaging, you can reply to their questions and start a relationship with your new customer before you’ve ever met. This is an excellent opportunity to build trust and establish a relationship with your customers because people buy from who they know. 

What If I Don’t Have A GMB Page?

The entire process should take you about 15 minutes or less. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google My Business page and hit the “Manage Now” button
  • Add your company name and click the “Next” button
  • Enter your business address and tap the “Next” button
  • Choose your business category and hit the “Next” button
  • Enter your business phone number and website URL and click the “Next” button
  • Complete the setup process by clicking the “Finish” button

Will GMB Messaging Help Local SEO?

When you create a GMB page, Google automatically creates a location for your business on Google Maps. This is a key factor in generating local SEO and driving customers to your door. When people can search for your business and can find your business, they can shop your business. 

And now, with Desktop Messaging, they can ask you questions directly through your Google My Business profile. When you install this messaging feature, be sure to have someone whose job it is to check for messages throughout the day and respond. If questions go unanswered, it defeats the purpose and can have negative consequences. 

GMB Messaging should be a key player in your digital marketing strategy. A GMB page can drive a large amount of quality traffic to your site, and with the help of desktop messaging, you can drive that traffic to your door, answer questions, and help customers find what they’re looking for with a direct link to the product. 


CEO Ed Barton talks about when and why you should be updating content to not only rank better with Google, but also to attract more users.

The first question you might be asking is, what is a Google business profile?

A Google My Business (GMB) profile is a one-stop-shop for a customer to learn all the necessary contact information for your business, such as the address, hours of operation, phone number, website, customer reviews, etc.

It is a great way to boost your business’s visibility and increase your SEO rankings at the same time. The point of SEO is to make your website appear at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and a GMB helps to do just that.

The idea of GMB is for business owners to continually manage their online presence and update the information that we used to find in the phone book.

Since a GMB includes your location, or it should, creating a listing is a great way to get local exposure.

So, what should you include in your GMB? And once you have a GMB profile, how do you make the most out of it?

Two common questions. Let’s answer them.

     1. What Should You Include In Your Google My Business?

When you create a GMB, you’ll receive a form questionnaire from Google. It’s important to answer every question and provide accurate, detailed information. Standard information is your business address, hours of operation, business category, reviews, phone number/email address.

There are three reasons why it’s crucial to answer every question:

  1. You don’t want a customer searching for your phone number and being unable to find it.
  2. The general public can fill in any missing information to your listing, so you don’t want to risk inaccurate information.
  3. When you enter an address, a Google Maps location automatically generates for your business. And you want people to find you.

In your business description, you have 750 characters to add some strategic SEO keywords that tell someone a bit more about your business and what makes you unique.

     2. How do you make the most of your google business profile?

You’ve done it. You’ve created your profile. Now what? Here are three quick tips that will help you make the most of your GMB.

     1. Add Pictures and Video

People like to see content and get a sense of your business. With photos and video, you can showcase what makes your business stand out and give people a sense of what to expect when they visit you, so they feel like they’ve been there before.

By adding pictures and video, you create a sense of familiarity. Bonus tip: when you upload photos, be sure to label them appropriately and with SEO keywords. If you own “Bob’s Chevy Dealership in California,” instead of uploading “001.jpg,” label the photo “BobsChevyCAShowroom.”

     2. Engage with Your Customers Through Reviews

When someone takes the time to review your business, take a moment to respond. You can thank the person for leaving a review and visiting your business, but it’s important to acknowledge their review. Responding to a review will also give you a chance to include SEO keywords in your reply, but be sure to keep it sounding like a human wrote it.

If there’s a negative review, don’t let it go unchecked. See what the issue is, acknowledge it, and show other potential customers how you handle a complaint.

Reviews are a common way for customers to ask you questions. Maybe you’re opening a new store soon, and they want to know when it’ll be open. Perhaps a new model is coming out, and they want to see if you have it in stock. By answering questions, you bring in customers, boost your engagement, and improve your SEO ranking.

This brings us to our final step.

     3. Check it regularly

After you create your GMB page, you have to check it regularly.

How often do you come across another business’s GMB page and find the wrong information? Maybe you call the phone number or try the email address, and they don’t work?

Are the hours correct? The last thing you want is for an excited customer to arrive at your front door only to be greeted by a Closed Sign.

How many customers is that business losing because their contact information is wrong and they’ve failed to update their information? Don’t let that happen to you.

Don’t let your GMB Page sit idle. A GMB is a living document and not something you can set and forget. By posting weekly photos and responding to reviews and questions regularly, your business will grow a local customer base, and your SEO rankings will rise.