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You are NOT Amazon, Apple, or Google: Part 3

“Disruption” is one of those Silicon Valley buzzwords that I’ve begun to grow tired of. It’s a catch-all word that is used anytime an industry or product is experiencing changes or pop up competition. Perhaps more accurately, we should see terms such as “evolving,” or “maturing.” More simply stated, what many industries or products are […]

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You are NOT Amazon, Apple, or Google! Why is everyone telling you that you should be? – Part 1

  “Hey Alexa, order me more shampoo. Also, can you get me a trade number on customer Smith, make sure that our inventory is up to date online, improve my service drive experience, skyrocket our profitability, and find out why John didn’t show up today? Thanks, Alexa!”   Anyone else tired of hearing that Amazon, Apple, […]