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How to Supercharge Your Dealership’s SEO Content

Everyone wants to be number one when it comes to search engine results. Many dealers are fighting an uphill battle because they’re competing with not only their manufacturer but also massive third-party sites. This competition has the benefit of working on a single website that can use its authority to push dealerships out of relevant […]

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Why Your Dealership Needs a YouTube Channel

If your dealership doesn’t already have a dedicated YouTube channel, it’s time to get one. You may think that since you post videos on your website, there’s no need to post them on YouTube, but the opposite is true: If you post videos on your dealership’s website, you should absolutely have a corresponding YouTube channel […]

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Local Mobile SEO: Top Tips for Dealers

When you consider that almost half of mobile search traffic has local intent and over 85% of mobile engagement with brands is local, it becomes clear: local mobile search is here to stay, and it’s only growing in importance. Use this checklist to ensure your dealership’s online presence is properly optimized for local mobile SEO rankings. […]

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Site Speed: What It Means for Your Dealership

Website bounce rate directly correlates to site speed; it’s a hand-in-hand combination. Our research and tests have found that when a site takes longer than three seconds to load, bounce rate will increase by up to 150% per second. This fact, combined with the announcement by Google that, starting in July of this year, site speed will be a major ranking […]

Website Speed: Slow & Steady Never Wins

When it comes to website speed, slow and steady will never win the race for market share. Think of your website like a race car. Pole position on the racetrack is important, but it doesn’t guarantee a win. When you consider its value and performance relative to selling cars, a blazing fast website is your marketing cornerstone. […]


Dealership SEO: 6 Common Pitfalls

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving, and keeping up with all the new developments and updates can be challenging, to say the least. While some SEO strategies may have worked very well a few years ago, the recent Panda, Possum, and Hummingbird algorithm updates have sharpened Google’s focus to discern between spammy content and quality content. Nowadays, […]