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Effective Website Design Series – Part 1

As the events of 2020 have shown, reaching and engaging your customers online is more important than ever. With effective web design, car dealerships can create a better user experience and achieve more time on-site and improved conversion rates. In this installment, we’ll look at elements of effective web design and what our team is […]

Getting Started With Google Search Console Part 3

  Welcome back to our third and final installment of our Getting Started with Google Search Console series! This series is aimed at automotive dealers looking to learn how to use Google Search Console. Today, we’re going to finish up by seeing how to use Google Search console filters to check on how your pages […]

Google Search Console Starter Guide – Part 2

  Welcome back to our starter guide for Google Search Console! If you missed last weeks article, you can find it here. This week, we’re covering off how to check your indexing status for your page. Let’s get started! Check Your Page’s the Index Status Google Search Console is the place to see if Google […]

Google Search Console Starter Guide – Part 1

While there are a litany of SEO tools on the market, most businesses can get more mileage than they’d ever need out of Google’s free analytics service suite. The suite includes Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, and Search Console. Google Search Console (previously called Google Webmaster Tools) is an incredibly useful, often underutilized tool. […]

5 Myths About Automotive SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simple to understand yet infinitely complex to apply. If you understand its core principles, you can do pretty well without dedicating all your time and effort to mastering it. However, there is a ton of misinformation on the web about how it works. This is mostly due to Google’s lack […]

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Word on the Street – Laura Morse @ Jim Norton Toyota

This month’s Word on the Street segment features Laura Morse, the eCommerce Manager at Jim Norton Toyota in Tulsa, OK. As Laura will tell you, her multifaceted career prepared her to tackle automotive sales as an industry veteran. State Farm Auto insurance just may have stolen their slogan “we know a thing or two because […]

Improving Your Digital Walkarounds

Even as stay-at-home orders are lifting, the automotive world shifts to digital. However, there’s a limit to how much a piece of copy on your website can replicate talking directly to a sales rep. Digital walkarounds have become more common as consumers grow more comfortable with large online purchases. Shoppers are looking for a vehicle […]

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6 Automotive Manufacturer’s Response to COVID-19

If you’re reading this, you have an email address. And if you have email, you’ve undoubtedly received more messages from every company you have ever purchased an item from about their plans to address COVID-19. Top automotive manufacturers from around the globe have also announced various offers struggling customers and strategic initiatives give back to […]

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2020 Automotive Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

A 15-Minute Check Can Create More Opportunities and Sales! Feeling like your web presence just isn’t clicking the way it used to? Not getting enough leads? Our clients often scramble for an answer. Is your competition trying something new? Are your model research pages the issue? Maybe it’s the homepage! Let’s redesign the whole kit […]