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Canonical Tags & Why They Matter for SEO

Does your website have duplicate content? Even if the content on each of your webpages is unique, the answer may surprisingly be “yes”. How can this be? Search engines like Google consider every unique URL a separate page. Imagine your website has the following URLs: https://www.example.com/inventory https://www.example.com/inventory?type=new https://www.example.com/inventory?type=new&make=Toyota https://www.example.com/inventory?type=new&make=Toyota&year=2021 These may have near-identical content based […]


How Videos Affect Your SEO – Part 1

When you think of SEO, or search engine optimization, you may jump to the idea of optimizing your website copy or text to rank high in search results. Text content on your site certainly plays a large role in your organic search rankings, but did you know that adding quality videos can also improve your […]

Effective Website Design Series – Part 3

Welcome back! You have reached the third and final installment in our series on Effective Dealership Website Design. So far, we have covered intuitive and responsive design in parts one and two, which you can review here on the fusionZONE Blog. Today, we’re finishing up our principles of great website design series with one final […]

Effective Website Design Series – Part 1

As the events of 2020 have shown, reaching and engaging your customers online is more important than ever. With effective web design, car dealerships can create a better user experience and achieve more time on-site and improved conversion rates. In this installment, we’ll look at elements of effective web design and what our team is […]

Getting Started With Google Search Console Part 3

  Welcome back to our third and final installment of our Getting Started with Google Search Console series! This series is aimed at automotive dealers looking to learn how to use Google Search Console. Today, we’re going to finish up by seeing how to use Google Search console filters to check on how your pages […]