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fusionZONE and WheelsTV Partner to Offer WheelsTV’s 6,000+ Video Test Drive Reports

 fusionZONE Automotive, LLC, the automotive industry’s highest-performing dealer website solution, and WheelsTV, the automotive industry’s standard of excellence in video test drive reports for more than a decade, today announced a partnership in which fusionZONE will offer their customers access to WheelsTV’s 6,000+ video test drive reports. The partnership provides a timely video solution […]


What is Schema and Why Does It Matter?

If you’re looking for new ways to boost your SEO, you’ll want to consider putting the power of schema to work for your business’ website. What is schema? Schema markup, via Schema.org, is code that you put on your website that helps search engines provide more informative results for users. If you’re familiar with rich […]


Filtering Bot Traffic in Google Analytics

The How & Why of Filtering Bot Traffic in Google Analytics Google Analytics is an essential tool for many businesses to measure website performance and understand web visitors’ behavior. Since making any business or website decisions should be based on good data, it is critical that your Google Analytics reports are providing accurate information. Bot […]


The Basics of Improving Onsite Content

How often do you update your onsite content, and why? We’re not just talking about updating prices or specials, but also the key content on your website. Your website and its content aren’t a set-it-and-forget-it situation. Even if you’ve reached your goal of a stylish, informative and intuitive website, there’s always more that can be […]

Canonical Tags & Why They Matter for SEO

Does your website have duplicate content? Even if the content on each of your webpages is unique, the answer may surprisingly be “yes”. How can this be? Search engines like Google consider every unique URL a separate page. Imagine your website has the following URLs: https://www.example.com/inventory https://www.example.com/inventory?type=new https://www.example.com/inventory?type=new&make=Toyota https://www.example.com/inventory?type=new&make=Toyota&year=2021 These may have near-identical content based […]